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May, 2018
For Immediate Release

2018 LIGHTFAIR Registered Courses by NCQLP for LEUs

NCQLP encourages all continuing education at LIGHTFAIR International. However, to assist those certificants who acquiring LEUs to renew their Lighting Certification (LC), NCQLP has prepared a listing of the courses at LIGHTFAIR which are lighting related with the LEUs which can be claimed for attendance. A provider registration form can be completed under Publications and Forms on the NCQLP website for any of those who interested in applying for registration of their courses. While all courses being offered have been reviewed and those which have been accorded Pre-Conference Assignment of LEUs are listed in the attached detailed Summary. However, since it is always possible that some offerings which have been added following this review, may not be listed. Please remember that in order to have LEUs assigned, Continuing Education Courses must meet the criteria listed within the NCQLP Lighting Certification Renewal Guidelines.

Session CodeTitleNCQLP LEU
L18L02Intermediate Lighting (2-day)12
L18L03AGi32 Basic Course4.5
L18L06How to Prepare a Control Intent Narrative and Sequence of Operations for Advanced Lighting Controls6
L18L07LED Luminaire Design: Beyond the Basics, Tips and Tricks for a Better Product6
L18L08Light and Concept: Creative Process for Lighting Design6
L18L09Advanced LED Luminaire Design: A Deep Dive into Two Products6
L18W01An Emerging Professional’s Guide to Lighting Retrofits3
L18W02The Internet of Things for Non-Engineers3
L18W03Connecting the Dots Between Lighting Upgrades and What Customers Actually Care About3
L18W04Hands-on Introduction to Light Measurement & Standards3
L18W05The Worlds of DMX512, DALI and 0-10V3
L18W07Lighting Design for Enabling Environments Charrette3
L18W08So You Think Your System is Easy to Install and Startup?3
L18LL1Lunch & Learn Seminar - Intersecting the latest trends in Building Automation, Building Management Systems, and Smart Lights - sponsored by ARROW ELECTRONICS1.5
L18S01A walk in the park: light’s role in outdoor public space1.5
L18S02Research Confirms iprgcs Effect Vision1.5
L18S03Keeping Up with Change - Annual Industry Update1.5
L18S05Understanding Emergency Lighting Control1.5
L18S06Real-Time 3D Graphics for Lighting Design Exploration1.5
L18S07Help! I've Been Asked to be an Expert Witness in a Lighting Case!1.5
L18S09Survivor's Guide to the Lighting Universe1.5
L18S10Beyond Blue and Red: Key Challenges, Considerations, and Benefits of Tunable Lighting in Horticulture1.5
L18S11Lighting the Way to Net-Zero Buildings1.5
L18S12Lighting's place in the IoT world: A Designer's perspective1.5
L18S13Horticultural Lighting: A Growing Market1.5
L18S14Sweating the Soft Skills – Lessons Learned from 10 Years In1.5
L18S15Rewards for Innovation: How Research and Development Tax Credits Propel Innovation in Lighting Design1.5
L18W09Light Source and Power Supply Basics3
L18S16The Waltz of Light and Architecture1.5
L18S18U.S. LED Lighting Standards Overview and Update1.5
L18S19Developing Lighting Solutions for Energy and Non-Energy Benefits in Hospitals, Schools and Offices1.5
L18S20LED Lighting Product Life and Failure: Why We Need New Test Methods for Accurate Life Reporting in Applications1.5
L18LH01The Truth About Circadian Lighting 2.01
L18LH02Lighting Metrics for Well-being: Characterizing Visual and Non-visual Responses1
L18LH03Seeing Red: How Long-Wavelength Light can Impact Humans, Plants, and Animals1
L18LH04How To Do Tunable WELL: Points, Pitfalls, and Potential1
L18LH05Circadian Lighting Solutions for Office Workplaces1
L18LH06Starving for Darkness – How Exterior Lighting Affects Our Wildlife1
L18SC01Lighting & Beyond: Pragmatic Use of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Cities1
L18SC02Street and Area Lighting Limbo1
L18SC03The Smart City Protocol to Control Streetlights, Parking, Waste and Many Other Use Cases1
L18SC04The Evolution of Smart Cities 2.0 from A to Z1
L18SC05From Data to Information: Using Data to Make Informed Decisions1
L18SC06The Chicago Smart Lighting Program: Bringing Outdoor Lighting into the 21st Century1
L18SM01The Intangibles of Daylight1
L18SM02Commissioning IoT Lighting Systems1
L18SM03 changed to L18SM18The Sky Glow Comparison Tool1
L18SM04Restaurant Lighting: The Secret Recipe (How lighting contributes to a memorable dining experience)1
L18SM05Best Practices for Tunable Light Specification1
L18SM06Glare In Office Spaces Revisited1
L18SM07The Value of 3-D Printing in Manufacturing Solid-State Lighting Systems1
L18SM08Innovations In Lighting Finance1
L18SM09Lighting eHarmony: Does your product website make you un-datable or the perfect catch?1
L18SM10Intelligent Buildings: Design & Implementation1
L18SM11Control Options for LED Retrofits1
L18SM12Spectral Design of Healthcare Environments1
L18SM13Lighting’s Influence on Demand Response and Demand Management in the LED and Controls Era1
L18SM14Utilities and Lighting: Friends or Foes?1
L18SM15Securing your Connected Lighting Network1
L18SM16Treat Your Building As A Patient: Continuous Environmental Disinfection Using Visible Light1
L18SM17Networked Controls: Boon or Bust for Business?1
L18SM18 change to L18SM03Specification of LED Lighting Products for Medical Facilities1
L18SM19Li-Fi: Wireless Connectivity Through Lighting System1
L18W10Solid-State Lighting 1013

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