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NCQLP News Release

2020 LIGHTFAIR Connect Conference - July 21-23, 2020

Renewing LCs are eligible for the following LEUs if when they log into the Virtual Conference course they complete the online post course review.

Designing Visually Accessible Spaces: Low Vision Visual Hazard Prediction1
New Media Technologies and the Future of Architainment Design1
Love and Law: Using Contracts to Transform Your Organization1.5
Compassionate Lighting for the Future Urban Night1.5
Cities embracing Smart Street Lighting and Smart CMS1
Life-Changing Lighting: A Case Study on Lighting for Children with Autism1.5
The Digital Age of Lighting Controls1.5
Beyond Lighting & Semantics1
Bridging the Gap: Research to Design1
Connected Lighting and Security in the Dark1
Enhancing the Value of Lighting Controls: Multiple System Integration1.5
Integrating LED into Landscape Lighting Design1
Running Defense: Your Spec against Value Engineering1
Exploring Retail Lighting Concepts in the Istanbul Airport1.5
The Difficult Client: A "How To" Guide for Success1
On the Waterfront: Light for the People1
Squeezing the Code Turnip: Costs, Comparisons, Compliance and Changes1.5
Challenge the flow: "Light and Water"3
Everything Is Acoustic1.5
Oops! Was THAT in the Energy Code?!1
Demystifying Tunable-White Lighting1
Understanding The Smart Campus1
The Science of Healthy Lighting: Blue-Rich Days and Blue-Depleted Nights?1.5
Standardization of the Lighting IoT Platform1
Lighting Controls: New Documents & Emergency Lighting Controls1.5
Circadian Lighting: Science & Application in Healthcare & Behavioral Health1
M/P Ratios: What are they good for? How are they calculated?1
Keeping Up With Change1.5
Lighting for Outdoor Pedestrian Spaces3
The Migration of Lighting Standards From Component Based to Systems Based1
PoE for Lighting and the Intelligent Building1
A Spectral Day in the Life of a Care Center Resident 1.5
Data Driven Public Lighting Design1.5
How 3D Printing will Fuel Lighting’s Next Big Transformation1
Downshifting Lighting Design: Slow Design Principles Within Cost Driven Industries1
Cities and Specifiers: Creating Strong Partnerships1
Skin Deep: Peeling back the LIGHT/SKIN Connection 1
Defining Dark Sky: A discussion of pro-dark metrics and practices1
Understanding DMX Data Distribution and RDM1.5
Lighting Controls Systems Integrators: Why and When to Specify Them1
Kitchens and Homes: Updating Best Practices1
KLEO Art Residences - Light as a Human Right in Affordable Housing1
Color and Light: Nature's Guide to Designing Better Interiors1.5
Luminous + Acoustic Surfaces - A New Paradigm in Lighting Design1
The Energy of Light1.5
Owning the Code: From the Front Lines of Title 241
Daylight Harvesting: Is it Worth the Hassle (Yet)?1.5
Motion Sensors in the Parking Lot. Really?1.5
Photometry 101 a Primer1

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