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NCQLP Lighting Certified Seal

National Council on Qualifications
for the Lighting Professions

PO Box 142729
Austin, TX 78714-2729
Phone: (512) 973-0042
Fax: (512) 973-0043

NCQLP Board of Directors

Board Member 2018-2020 - IES
Shelli Sedlak, LC
Current, powered by GE
Board Member 2018-2020 NEEP
Secretary Liesel Whitney-Schulte, LC
DesignLights Consortium

Board Member 2018-2020 NALMCO
Bernard J. Ericson, LC
Facility Solutions Group, Inc.
Board Member 2018-2020 - NAILD
Sidney A. Phillips, Jr., LC
Professional Lighting

Executive Director
Mary Jane Kolar, CAE

NCQLP Council

Council Member - LRC
Daniel Frering, LC
Council Member - NYSERDA
Priscilla J Richards, LC

Council Member - IES
(To be announced)
Council Member - NEMA
Maria Northup

Council Member - NAILD
David Leslie, LC
Council Member - IALD
Marsha Turner, CAE

Council Member - NEEP
Dan Mellinger, LC
Council Member - NALMCO
Richard Hormuth, LC