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March, 2017
For Immediate Release

NCQLP Announces Examination Results – 2016 Examination

Robert M. Cilic, LC, Osram Sylvania, NCQLP President, is pleased to announce that 279 lighting practitioners applied for the 2016 Examination with a pass rate of 70%.

Those who became LCs in 2016 brought the total number of LCs to over 2,750, including 6 Intern LCs who were successful candidates. There are now a total of 47 Intern LCs. Since the Lighting Intern Program began in 2000, 89 Intern LCs have become full LCs.

Intern LCs
This year, 7 lighting students sat for the Examination as participants in the NCQLP Intern LC Program. Students from an accredited college offering a minimum of 12 credit hours in lighting or lighting related courses within one year of graduation can apply to take the LC Examination as an Intern Student. The six successful Intern LC candidates are from Parsons, Penn State, University of Nebraska (Lincoln), University of Nebraska (Omaha).

Statistics about New LCs
Of those who successfully completed the 2016 examination, 21% identify themselves as electrical engineers and 19% as lighting designers/consultants. Other candidates included 12% manufacturers’ representatives and 9% sales representatives.

Approximately 57% list experience levels at 6-10 years, with another 40% indicating that they have 11-20 years of experience.

An average of 84% of the new LCs hold bachelor degrees, while 52% indicate that they have earned advanced degrees.

The National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions is a non-profit corporation founded in 1991 to serve and protect the well-being of the public through effective and efficient lighting practice. Through a peer review process, the NCQLP establishes the experience and examination requirements for certification in the lighting industry.