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May, 2017
For Immediate Release

2017 LIGHTFAIR Registered Courses by NCQLP for LEUs

NCQLP encourages all continuing education at LIGHTFAIR International. However, to assist those certificants who acquiring LEUs to renew their Lighting Certification (LC), NCQLP has prepared a listing of the courses at LIGHTFAIR which are lighting related with the LEUs which can be claimed for attendance. A provider registration form can be completed under Publications and Forms on the NCQLP website for any of those who interested in applying for registration of their courses. While all courses being offered have been reviewed and those which have been accorded Pre-Conference Assignment of LEUs are listed in the attached detailed Summary. However, since it is always possible that some offerings which have been added following this review, may not be listed. Please remember that in order to have LEUs assigned, Continuing Education Courses must meet the criteria listed within the NCQLP Lighting Certification Renewal Guidelines.

Session CodeTitleNCQLP LEU
L17HW01Light and Health: What We Know and Don’t Know in Applying the Research1
L17HW02Circadian Light for Your Health: Light, Not Laughter is the Best Medicine1
L17HW03Blue Light - Is there an issue?1
L17HW04Circadian Lighting in an Independent Living Facility1
L17HW05Creating an Immersive 24-hour Lighting Environment for a Pediatric ICU1
L17HW06Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Swedish Ballard Behavioral Health Unit: Design and Implementation of Circadian Lighting Strategies1
L17IT01The growing threat of turf wars, and why they are a barrier to the development and deployment of connected lighting1
L17IT02Intelligent Building Lighting and the Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT)1
L17IT03IoT Facility Design: Why IT, engineers, and operations should talk before concrete is poured1
L17IT04Lighting & IT collaboration, when lighting is living on or connected to the corporate intranet1
L17IT05Cyber Security Hygiene for Lighting Systems1
L17IT06Connected Lighting: The Future of Our Cities1
L17L02Intermediate Lighting (2-day)12
L17L03AGi32 Basic Course4.5
L17L07Advanced Lighting Contol Systems - A Comprehensive Course6
L17L08LED Luminaire Design: Beyond the Basics, Tips and Tricks for a Better Product6
L17L10Advanced LED Luminaire Design: A Deep Dive into Two Products6
L17L11Shadow Design: The Importance of Darkness Today and Tomorrow1.5
L17S01Keeping up with Change: Annual Update on Industry, Technology & Systems (Spanish & Portuguese Translation)1.5
L17S02Transforming the Patient Experience with Intelligent Light1.5
L17S04Daylight Control Essentials - From Integrated Lighting to Dynamic Shading1.5
L17S05Better Evidence = Better Performance + Better Practice1.5
L17S06Creating Wonder: Lighting the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery1.5
L17S08Lighting for Senior Care Facilities (Spanish & Portuguese Translation)1.5
L17S09Urban Lighting and Pedestrian Confidence After Dark1.5
L17S10The Future of Lighting (Spanish & Portuguese Translation)1.5
L17S11Lighting Design to Meet the WELL Standard: ASID Headquarters1.5
L17S12Implementing an LED Lighting Program Across a Major University1.5
L17S13Making Lighting Controls Occupant Friendly (Spanish & Portuguese Translation)1.5
L17S14Graphics to describe color quality aspects 1.5
L17S15Women in Lighting and Design (Spanish & Portuguese Translation)1.5
L17S16The Challenges of Meeting LEED and WELL Standards in a Single Project - A Real Life Case Study1.5
L17S17Illuminated Art in Public Spaces: Please Touch The Art1.5
L17S18Lighting, You Know, For Kids!1.5
L17S19Methods of Measurements for LEDs and LED Lighting (Spanish & Portuguese Translation)1.5
L17S20Smart Integration vs Costly Integration of Wireless Energy Efficient Systems (Spanish & Portuguese Translation)1.5
L17S21Incentivizing Lighting Quality1.5
L17S22Moving beyond illumination to build smart cities with the Internet of Things (Spanish & Portuguese Translation)1.5
L17S23The Indoor Ecosystem: Lighting for humans and plants in the built environment1.5
L17SM013 codes, 2 perspectives, 1 hour: Commercial lighting controls in ASHRAE 90.1-2016, IECC 2015, and Title 24, Part 6 20161
L17SM02Make Your Marketing Shine with Great Lighting Photography - Tips from a Professional1
L17SM03Horticulture Lighting Design: Biology, Technology & Profits1
L17SM05TD Bank's $17 Million LED Investment1
L17SM06Ambient Luminescence and Experiential Design1
L17SM07BIM Workflows for Lighting Design and Energy Code Compliance1
L17SM08Design Of Lighting Control Systems: From Vacancy Sensors to Media Servers1
L17SM09Maintenance and Troubleshooting of LED Lighting1
L17SM10Sport Broadcast Lighting1
L17SM11CITY LIGHT: Pieces, Places, and Postcards1
L17SM13The Shotgun Marriage of Lighting, Integrated Controls and the IoT (And Everything Changes) 1
L17SM14The Do's and Don'ts of Dimming LED Lamps1
L17SM15The Truth about Circadian Lighting1
L17SM16The Impact of LED technology on lighting HR1
L17SP11The Work/Life Balancing Act: Expectations & Communication Across Generations (follow up to the Women in Lighting session)1
L17W01Design And Construct A Solar Microgrid Powered LVDC IoT Lighting System3
L17W03Application Focused Roadway Lighting Design3
L17W04Using your head to light from your heart3
L17W05Advanced Lighting and Daylighting in Integrated Design Toward Net Zero Office Buildings3
L17W06Emergency Lighting: Codes, Circuits, Controls, and Calculations3
L17W07Simulation and HDR Photography to Help Inform and Assess Visual Comfort3
L17W08How to Prepare a Control Intent Narrative and Sequence of Operations for Advanced Lighting Controls3
L17W10LED / SSL 101 – And a Whole Lot More3

Downloadable Course List (30KB - PDF)