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June, 2019
For Immediate Release

2019 LIGHTFAIR Registered Courses by NCQLP for LEUs

NCQLP encourages all continuing education at LIGHTFAIR International. However, to assist those certificants who acquiring LEUs to renew their Lighting Certification (LC), NCQLP has prepared a listing of the courses at LIGHTFAIR which are lighting related with the LEUs which can be claimed for attendance. A provider registration form can be completed under Publications and Forms on the NCQLP website for any of those who interested in applying for registration of their courses. While all courses being offered have been reviewed and those which have been accorded Pre-Conference Assignment of LEUs are listed in the attached detailed Summary. However, since it is always possible that some offerings which have been added following this review, may not be listed. Please remember that in order to have LEUs assigned, Continuing Education Courses must meet the criteria listed within the NCQLP Lighting Certification Renewal Guidelines.

Session CodeTitleNCQLP LEU
L19L02Intermediate Lighting (2-day)12
L19L03AGi32 Software - Basic Course4.5
L19L05Networked Lighting Controls Hands On12
L19L06Creating Control Intent Narratives and Sequence of Operations6
L19L07LED Luminaire Design: Beyond the Basics, Tips-Tricks for a Better Product6
L19L08Characterizing Spectrum in the Built Environment: Why and How?6
L19L09Advanced LED Luminaire Design: A Deep Dive into Two Products6
L19W01Become an expert in Melanopic Stimulus measurement and improvement3
L19W02Growth Strategies for Existing and Emerging Lighting Applications3
L19W03DMX512 for Architectural Applications1.5
L19W04LEDs and Lighting Controls 1013
L19W05Hands-on Introduction to Light Measurement & Standards3
L19W07The Internet of Things for Lighting Applications3
L19W08Controls Intent and Performance Specs for Connected IoT Lighting Projects3
L19S01Smart Parking Lot Lighting Systems: Do They Really Work? 1.5
L19S02It’s Occupied – What's Next? Patient Room Survey and Control Data1.5
L19S03User Experience Illuminated: Take Charge of Your Control Design1.5
L19S04Moving Beyond 20th Century Color Metrics for 21st Century Lighting1.5
L19S05Dynamic Lighting is Art, Heath + Good Business1.5
L19S06PoE Lighting - The Now and How1.5
L19S07From Photobiology to Lighting Applications for Health1.5
L19S08Sketching Successful Lighting Details1.5
L19S09Dynamic Sports Lighting and Controls 1.5
L19S11Game Changer: The Evolution of the Lighting Model behind ASHRAE 90.11.5
L19S12Tuning the Classroom for Student, Teacher, and Energy Benefits1.5
L19S13Restaurant Lighting: The Secret Recipe - Served Up (Part two)1.5
L19S14-LLLunch & Learn: The Perfect Light Project1.5
L19S15Keeping Up with Change - Annual Industry Update1.5
L19S16Nighttime Design – New Approaches for Cities to Thrive1.5
L19S17Cameras for Videoconferencing have Evolved, Have We?1.5
L19S18Image-based Human-centric Daylight Assessment1.5
L19S19Spectrum matters (or, Daylight, moonlight, firelight, LEDs...)1.5
L19S20What's Next with Energy Codes?1.5
L19S21Dynamic Daylighting Design: Biophilic Applications to Practice1.5
L19S22IoT 2.0 Light optimization using machine learning tools1.5
L19S23Do Metrics Matter?1.5
L19S24Lighting and Media: A Convergence Conversation1.5
L19S25Methods of Measurements for LEDs and LED Lighting1.5
L19LH01Better than Blue Light1
L19LH02The Role of Tunable Lighting in Optimizing Human Physiology1
L19LH03Light Tuned for Health: Fad or Future?1.5
L19LH04On the Horizon: New Recommendations for Circadian Entrainment1.5
L19LH05Designing Lighting, Daylighting and Controls to Meet the WELL Building Standard1
L19LH06Non-visual effects of light for education1
L19CL01IoT Connected Lighting: A Design Guide1.5
L19CL02Connected lighting: What are the benefits again? A look at a field study1.5
L19CL03Connected Cities Now: Smart Streetlights and Master Plans for Cities1.5
L19CL04Why smart lighting infrastructures create the most reliable IoT networks1.5
L19CL05LiFi: Visible Light Communications for 1-Way, 2-Way and V2V Transmission1
L19LL2Exhibitor Led Lunch & Learn: Open Ceiling Design sponsored by Acuity Brands1.5
L19SM01Visualizing Innovations in Daylight Modeling 1
L19SM02Winning the VE Game: How to Navigate the Strong Currents of Value Engineering1
L19SM04Wildlife as Formgiver in Lighting Design1
L19SM06Fundamental & Inspirational Light1
L19SM07Lighting Design with Electrical in Mind1
L19SM08The Poetics of Darkness1
L19SM09The Gowanus Lighting Atlas1
L19SM10Lighting Design for Art Museums as a Team Effort1
L19SM11Horticultural Lighting for Industrial Applications: What Really Matters1
L19SM12University Lighting: A Practical Approach to Standards, BAS and Energy1
L19SM13In the Beginning There was Daylight1
L19SM14Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Architect as Lighting Designer in the 1900s1
L19SM15City Wide Master Lighting Plan Case Study; Bryant, AR1
L19SM16Lighting to counteract the Hunt Effect1
L19ST01 - TOURDilworth Park - Evening Exploration1.5
L19ST02 - TOURLiacouras Center: LED Sports Lighting at Temple University1.5
L19W10Museum Lighting: A Recommended Practice3

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